The Artist is in the Building ~ Islander Gallery, Corpus Christi, TX


For the past few years I have been working on writings, images, and collaborations around the theme of grief and loss. ‘Indelible’ is part of that work and focuses specifically on my mother’s absence, but also on ideas of fragmentation, fixation, marks, and motherhood.


I’m so thrilled to be showing works from ‘Indelible’ in an upcoming faculty exhibition, The Artist is in the Building curated by Laura Petican and showing at the Islander Gallery in Corpus Christi. The Opening is this evening at 6pm.

My sincere thanks to collaborators included in this exhibition namely: Roxana Alger Geffen, Dale Trombone, Ellen Sussman and Jana Sibley. I am touched and honored that you chose to be a part of this project.idelible_installation_007

I’d also like to thank Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts for their generous support.


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