Ucross Residency ~ Clearmont, Wyoming


What an amazing few weeks in Northeastern Wyoming!

A flurry of work photographing people and places around Buffalo and Sheridan, delicious food, great company and that light, those landscapes. Like one very long exhale the residency at Ucross Foundation for the Arts was a spectacular way to finish off a beautiful, if hectic, summer.


The food, created by the lovely chef Cindy Brooks was absolutely exquisite, every day, every time!

Fellow residents included my new favorite eccentric, the painter known as Morgan Craig, as well as two of the most beautiful lady composers I’ve ever met Julianne Wick Davis and Ke-Chia Chen, also fellow image-maker Gwen Walstrand, poets JC Todd and Lily Brown, and writers Ethan Rutherford and Vince Granata. (Names are linked to sites so check out their work when you get a chance.) I miss you all already!

Oh and there were also these guys… the real residents of Ucross.

If you’re not yet familiar with the Ucross Foundation, find out more about them HERE:Ucross_001

My thanks to the whole Ucross family: Sharon, Ruth, Tracey, Leslie, Cindy, Mike, Shelly, Donna and Carley… You’re the best!

Ucorss_004“I’ve seen Rainbows”


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