Musée Magazine ~ New York, NY

'Wandering In Place' project

Over the Moon to be one of the “Musée emerging artists” sharing pages with some of my all time favorite photographers: William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, and Alec Soth!! Not to mention Abe Morell, Sebastião Salgado, Peter Beard, and Matthew Brandt! ‘Untitled – Backdrop, Eden, VT,‘ is on page 210-211 of this gorgeous 398 page Magazine dedicated to the theme of Place.

Through the photographic perspective of 22 artists, Musée brings you works encompassing mental, physical and emotional facets of ‘Place’ in our 15th issue. The result is an in-depth visual exploration of the many manifestations of site, location, and situation, expressed by vivid text and artist insight.

Featuring work by Ryan McGinley, Jack Pierson, Shimon Attie, Abelardo Morell, Jason Peterson, Olivo Barbieri, Peter Beard, Stephen Shore, Maurice Broomfield, Sohei Nishino, Bill McDowell, Dianne Yudelson, James Casebere, John Divola, Mishka Henner, Philip Kwame Apagya, Eric Fischl, Alec Soth, Sebastião Salgado, Michael Benson, William Eggleston, and John Chiara, with a collection from guest curator Matthew Brandt. Musée Magazine Issue 15 – Place also features a selection of 29 emerging artists.

You can View Here and/or Purchase HERE

Musée Magazine_002

Musée Magazine is a dynamic, digital quarterly and interactive website dedicated to featuring works by emerging and established artists. Sometimes quirky, sometimes sensual, always unpredictable, Musée moves on the cutting edge as an unparalleled photo-based platform. Today, Musée finds itself at the vanguard of photography and film culture. We strive to empower promising artists as they navigate and launch future careers throughout the global photographic community, while comingling with industry influencers to provide relevant content for academics, students, and photography aficionados alike. Like a photographic library, Musée has a broad appeal, encompassing all genres from the photo-world’s beloved masters to the new, exciting, and unexpected.


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