Xatakafoto ~ Madrid, Spain


Xatakafoto_002Jennifer Garza- Cuen’s ‘Detroit’, photography of a decadent metropolis. Read full article HERE

Translation: Jennifer Garza- Cuen is a photographer from in Seattle, Washington, particularly interested in the United States and the entire social and political structure related to the country. In her series ‘Detroit’, Jennifer is immersed in one of the great metropolis today suffering the aftershocks of an ongoing crisis.

Garza-Cuen directs her work towards sociology and research of social constructs. What is American society? What are its characteristics? ‘Detroit’ is framed within the project ‘Wandering in Place’, a project immersed in different cities, attempting to capture their essence; in the case of ‘Detroit’, Jennifer seeks what remains of that mega American metropolis and how it has become a shadow of what was the ‘Motor City’. This interest in the city is born as one of the great American symbols of prosperity and opportunity.


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