Residency at Brush Creek Ranch ~ Saratoga, Wy

Brush Creek Ranch

I spent several weeks this summer at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming. It was a remarkable experience with an intimate group of writers, composers, and visual artists. The bulk of my time was spent seeking out images and collaborating with my peers on projects that are so much fuller now that they are involved.

Strange Magpie_001

I’m so thankful to the Brush Creek Foundation and especially, to my fellow artists for your contributions to my work, but more importantly for your friendship.

Please check out their work at the following links:

Philip Schuessler, John Rubins, Dale Trumbore, Ellen Sussman, Sri Prabha, and Gregory Spaid you are all too wonderful for words!


Most evenings at Brush Creek were spent by the fire which, thanks to Sri, grew larger and larger until finally, on our last night, it threatened to engulf us all… check it out at the link below:

“FIRE GOOD” Thanks Sri!!

The Last Inferno

Girl In River_002


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